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MODA - Thatched - Robin Pickens - 48626-117 - Shadow

MODA - Thatched - Robin Pickens - 48626-117 - Shadow

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I like to pair bigger prints with some solids for balance. But does that mean all solids are flat? Calm and rest for the eye can still have subtleties of design and texture. There is something so enjoyable in a little tonal and linear variation that brings interest and depth, like the character of a hand drawn line. It is in this drawn texture that I think of threads coming together to create "Thatched." - Robin

Perhaps you keep Thatched as a subtle texture print to balance out your larger prints and be a background fabric or blender. Or you may decide to play with the combinations and relationships of color families and groupings in color studies with saturated splendor. 

100 % Cotton

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