So what's up with these Little Bitz Rolls?  What can I do with them?  These little rolls are fun, useful and dynamic!

IDEA #1:  The strips can be cut into 5" x 5" squares (charm squares) - you can get 8 charm squares from each 5" x 42" strip.  That is a total of 80 charm squares from this little roll!

IDEA #2: You can also cut the 5" x 42" strips into 2, 2.5" x 42" strips - kinda like a jelly roll strip.  That is a total of 20, 2.5" x 42" strips from the Little Bitz Roll.

IDEA #3:  You can make Magic 8 Triangles using charm squares Idea #1. Layer a 5" x 5" square with the same size background square and voilà you have 640 1.5" x 1.5" half square triangles for a super amazing project!

IDEA #4:  Instead of Magic 8 Triangles you could make 4 half square triangles from each layered charm square and background fabric, or even just 2.

IDEA #5:  You could use half of the 5" x 42" strip for charm squares and the other half cut into 2.5" strips.

IDEA #6:  You could cut each strip in half (2.5” strips) of the 5" x 42" strip for rugs, baskets, bins, or table mats.

These special cuts are so amazing and offer endless possibilities!  The variety of colors and options that this one Little Bitz Roll holds is endless.

NOTE:  Fabric substitutions may be may necessary.  For shipping purposes all rolls will be unrolled.