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MODA - Junk Journal - Cathe Holden - LC7410 Layer Cake

MODA - Junk Journal - Cathe Holden - LC7410 Layer Cake

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Discover the eclectic and richly creative community of Junk Journaling- memento creations in book form, often filled with handwritten diary entries, poems and sentiments, notes, and lists. Many junk journals are rich with pages and pages of overlapping vintage adornment collaged with lovely complementing scraps and bits. When crafted to gift, just like a thoughtfully[1]handmade quilt, a junk journal goes on to be appreciated and admired. The Junk Journal fabric collection was designed reminiscent of these collaged keepsakes. There are prints of actual, overlapping antique journal pages, die-cut butterflies atop yellowed ledger paper, sweet flour-sack floral clusters, bold list numbers created and overprinted with early ephemera typography, monochromatic collections of paper tickets, cute and colorful graphic buttons, a delicate and pretty repeat designed from ladies’ bridge cards and a multitude of labels from the same source, rows of vintage lace, and a precious coordinating collage with an emphasis on the beauty of friendship.

100% Cotton

Sold by the Layer Cake ( 42 - 10" squares)

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