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MARCUS - Plumberry ll - Pam Buda - R170445 Plum

MARCUS - Plumberry ll - Pam Buda - R170445 Plum

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Purple It's a trending color in all areas of the quilting world! Pam Buda's new group offers a beautiful range of purple shades and motifs from lighter lilacs, plums to darker eggplant, including some multi-toned purple prints and six all-important light prints, all taken from her antique collection of nineteenth century quilts. "Purple fabrics were common in the nineteenth century, yet purple reproduction fabrics can be hard to find. I happen to love adding all shades of purple prints into my quilts, so it was a pleasure to design a new collection of purples sure to be a welcome addition to your piecing adventures, " says Pam.

100% Cotton

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