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MODA - Bella Solids - 1000-83 Grey

MODA - Bella Solids - 1000-83 Grey

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Bella Solids from Moda are a premium 100% cotton, 44 inches wide, & amazing to the touch. Bella solids are trusted by quilters as a quality cotton broadcloth.

With 324 colors of Bella Solids - so far - there are always questions about them.  That's today's topic.

Tell me about the cotton used to make Bella Solids?  Bella Solids are a premium-grade 100% cotton, and all of the cotton is grown in the United States.  (And if there was any way to have it manufactured here, we'd do that too.) 

Why aren't the color numbers marked on the selvage?  The application of collection names and color numbers is done with printing.  Bella Solids are dyed so printing even the numbers on the selvage would be an additional step, adding to the cost of the finished fabric.

But there's an easy solution to that - an Identipen or a Sharpie in Black.  It's a permanent marker that can be used to write the Bella Solid color number in the selvage.

Sold by the 1/4 yard (for 1 yard enter 4 quantity)

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