MODA -  SPRING CHICKEN by Sweetwater -   Yellow Leaves 55528-24

MODA - SPRING CHICKEN by Sweetwater - Yellow Leaves 55528-24

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Collection description from the designers of Sweetwater:  "Our design process for this collection started like any other - sitting around the kitchen table with a stack of magazines looking for a spark of inspiration. It’s usually a color, a phrase or maybe just a word. One of us spotted the phrase “Spring Chicken”. We had a good laugh and went back to the magazines. About an hour went by and we still were laughing about “Spring Chicken”- it had stuck in our heads. We quickly sketched out a cute little chicken and we had our theme. Spring Chicken was here to stay! In reality, the collection is more about Spring than it is about the chicken - although the chicken is pretty cute. From the light, bright colors to the adorable flower and the perfect gingham, this collection will be a welcome breath of fresh air after the long winter!"

100% Cotton

Spring Chicken by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

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