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MODA - Homestead - April Rosenthal - 24096-17 Fog Squares FQ

MODA - Homestead - April Rosenthal - 24096-17 Fog Squares FQ

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April Rosenthal: "I’ve always lived in the suburbs but our family recently moved into a new home that backs up to the mountains, and having so much beautiful, wide-open space has changed my life. I love being able to see the stars at night, plan a perfect vegetable and flower garden, and spend more time on the porch, relaxing with my kids or just a glass of iced tea. I find myself wearing more aprons, cooking and baking more frequently, and slowing down my daily pace just a little. It’s my own slice of heaven in a suburban Homestead, and I’m in love! With sweet veggies, sturdy watering cans, and lots of vintage inspired florals and prints, I hope you’ll add some of this charm to your happy homestead!"

100% Cotton

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