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MODA - Clover Blossom Farm - Kansas Troubles - LC9710 Layer Cake

MODA - Clover Blossom Farm - Kansas Troubles - LC9710 Layer Cake

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MODA – Clover Blossom Farm – Kansas Troubles

I frequently look outside my window for inspiration from the colors of nature, the different types of flowers and leaves and the birds that flock to our feeders. As we’re traveling, I jot down the names of towns and road signs as possibilities, for example, Vine Creek and Maple Hill are small towns in Kansas. The fabric prints sometimes inspire the theme and a name comes naturally, but I was rapidly approaching the deadline for this collection with no real direction in mind. I took a break and walked around the house to see if the print on one of my advertising tins or wooden boxes would trigger creativity. That’s when I saw the Clover Blossom Cottage Cheese crock on the kitchen counter and stopped in my tracks. Clover Blossom Farm would be the perfect name! The moral of the story is: Find inspiration in the little things, look around you with fresh eyes, and never, ever pass up an antique with a great name for a fabric collection.

100% Cotton

Sold by the Layer Cake 10" x 10" 

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