HENRY GLASS - Moonshine - Jan Mott

Price Per 1/4 Yard

A note from the designer Jan Mott: My latest printed fabric collection “Moonshine” was inspired by a walk on a crisp fall evening with the harvest moon casting a glow over the mountain tops. The silhouette of the old oak tree branches with the moon in the background was awe-inspiring. Scattered leaves adorned a tree branch while the glow of the moon enriched the color in the leaves. My imagination started to flow. Images of an extended family of crows nesting down for the night came to life on my sketch pad. I captured my vision and the next day was stitching a new design in wool appliqué, appropriately titled Moonshine. We teamed up with the design staff of Henry Glass to bring this design to the next level. The art then takes on a new life. We partnered the glowing moon with regal crows gathering together to welcome in fall. The collection has a compliment of stunning coordinates. The coordinates that include acorns, leaves and wildflowers. We hope you are inspired to take a stroll with us to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the ole harvest moon.

100% Cotton