I moved to the East Kootenays in the summer of 2012. Like most newcomers to the area, I immediately felt at home in our makers community and began honing my craft. I grew up with aunts who knit and crochet, so I had learned the basics early on. It wasn't until a friend's mom hired me to knit her a sweater that she saw in a magazine, that I ever finished a project. I slowly made my way through the pattern. I think I pulled it apart a dozen times in a dozen different spots, but in the end she had a wearable hand-knit sweater and I had an addiction.

My repertoire has grown to include quilting and beading, but my most recent obsession has been wood burning and I couldn't be happier with how it has helped me grow as an artist.

When I'm not working full time in a sign shop or buried in my craft room, I spend my time gardening and undertaking house renovations with my partner. We have 2 dogs and love snowshoeing in the winter and camping in the summer. 

I hope you enjoy what you see in my shop and look forward to any custom orders that you may have dreamed of but could never find. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @hayley.made.this 

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